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2014…New Year – Divine Self Care

This is the time of year when all the “new years resolutions” abound. Most of them are around fixing something about ourselves or our lives. My personal resolution is no different… This year though I have much more awareness about how to use my Yoga practice to fuel me, nourish me and use more compassion and awareness in my self care.
The number one resolution going is probably around weight loss. Again… my resolution isn’t much different 😉 They always say more gym memberships sell and gyms are overcrowded. There is good in this quest to get healthier, but my intention is to come from a Yogic place this year.

So this week my question is where are you personally improving or planning to improve your own self care? How are you going to use Yoga and meditation to help you on this journey?

A lot of times other things are put before our own self care. Lets try to keep ourselves on our own “to do list”

I think true self care should come with a healthy dose of self compassion. Not judging the past, just acknowledging what is and then moving forward. We often beat ourselves up and it has come to my attention how often I do this to myself.
Practice…practice…loving kindness…practice 🙂

I have been thinking of the term self sabotage and recognizing that behavior in myself at times… this upcoming year I am realizing that I can use my Yoga and meditation to care for myself better. Not only in thoughts and words…but actions.
Investing in myself is “Divine Self Care” It honors my body, mind & spirit.
It is up to me… and my conscious awareness – daily – moment to moment – of honoring my true self – that will bring the positive changes I would like. Some days its 2 steps forward 1 step back… that’s ok.
Actually that is called a cha cha ? Right?

A practice –
Try to be aware consciously through the day when you use negative self talk
When you notice this – silently or aloud – offer yourself the mantra – Namaste

I honor my body
I am making positive changes
I practice self care
and self compassion
I take time each day
in compassionate awareness
I let go of judgement
and step into loving kindness

I wish you well in 2014!
Namaste – Kerry

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Thanksgiving Fire

Cold ashes

Last nights fire

Laughter lingers in cold Mountain air…

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A Winter Saturday…

Saturday afternoon Yoga

Incense and peppermint tea

Blue notebook for Fifth Chakra flow

Santosha 🙂

OK …and a black lab who loves to steal my mat. 🙂


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Press Pause

This week in my Yoga classes we are focusing on a bit of down time…PAUSE. We are always running in either fast forward or in rewind. Stuck somewhere between a worry or a plan…  future tripping or falling backwards. This is a busy time of year for many with the various holidays.  This week we will focus on pausing that and coming into the present moment.   Holding onto the present moment by honoring the space between our breath, the space we can carve out in our day to decompress.     Pausing now and then brings mindfulness into our activities…it lets a bit of awareness in. Then we may find more meaning in the day to day or holidays. So this season look for time to pause and notice or listen to your surroundings.  Even if in the store or better yet a mall notice the kids, the people, the buzz of a million conversations and music and noises. Pause there. Listening and noticing the lives of others going on around you and your own life.    Like that saying goes by that wise “Ferris Bueller” 😉

“Life moves pretty fast. If you don’t stop and look around once in awhile – you could miss it.”


pause  Press Pause.

Stuck somewhere between a worry or a plan…

We stumble into the present moment.

Press Pause.






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Christmas Tree Pose


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Christmas Tree

Our bare tree stands in its corner
A few busy nights got in the way…
It silently awaits attention.
The bright lights and precious ornaments
still boxed…
It asks to be noticed anyway…
Just as it is.
For all the shared memories
of years gone by…
Being Unboxed . Over and over. It stood the test of time.

It winks at me…
“I’m real

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Christmas Past…

Voices recorded

A younger Me

making my children laugh

Christmas Past


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Vantage Point…Sixth Chakra

From my vantage point
I begin to see
But from a deeper place…
A knowing place

I start to see the bigger picture
With perspective
I came to stillness
And found my inner wisdom
Waiting for me.
Knowing I would eventually get there…
It waited…patiently.


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Mid 40’s

rediscovering… reclaiming words.

Censored myself for over 3 decades only to find the power in a small stone.

Unleashed creativity.

Dharma.  Truth.

The truth that I have been writing all my life…

I burned my writing.  I tore it up.

Moved on with technology to deleting it…dragged to the virtual trash can.

Gone forever….but I’m safe.  No one can see it.

What is that about?

Dare to reclaim it.

A divine gift…

a bit rough and cloudy from years of neglect and abandonment.

Polish it.

Let it shine.

Embrace it.

Allow it.

Own it.

Speak it.

I am a writer.

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