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Discover Your Vision – A Manifestation Retreat

Here is a short video on the upcoming retreat – follow the link to REGISTER

This women’s Retreat will run May 2nd at 7 pm until 12 noon May 4th.
Yoga is Beginner – Intermediate – modifications for all levels, always encouraging you to listen to your body and your individual needs. Classes will not be Hot Yoga, or Power Yoga.

Please check out the websites below to find out more about what to expect from the retreat leaders teaching styles.

Kerry & Sue’s Websites –
**Sue Medeiros at
and on Facebook at

**Kerry Wanamaker at
and Facebook at

We hope to see you in May for this retreat – Namaste !

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The Energetic Heart

I love Shiva Rea’s Ted Talk on “The Energetic Heart” and I just love the message. Especially as a Nurse who has studied the energy of the heart and also have seen medication and medical devices manipulate that energy to save a life.
The heart is much, much more than a pump….as Yogis we know this… I hope you enjoy this TED Talk 🙂

Nischala Joy Devi in her translation of the Yoga Sutras “The Secret Power of Yoga” said to notice when we are asked “who we are” we point to our heart.

Its so true! We don’t point to our head or our ears etc… 🙂  Instinctively we point to our heart…

She says  “when we gesture to our heart – it reveals the truth:   I live right here in my heart.”

Her beautiful translation of Yoga Sutra 1.2  :

“Yoga is the uniting of consciousness in the heart”

Namaste – Kerry

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What is Hatha Yoga?

I was asked this question last week… What is Hatha Yoga?    Hatha Yoga is the Yoga of asana – the physical postures.   The whole body, mind and spirit is connected together through the practice.   Yoga means to “yoke”  “unite” to “connect” and Hatha is a pathway to connection.   A Hatha Yoga class will include pranyama (breath practice) and meditation along with the physical postures.    Generally we begin with centering, then warm up starting on the floor, then working to standing postures, then working the way back down to the floor for more postures and finally working the way to Savasana – a meditative relaxation to integrate the practice.

All of the different styles of Yoga find a home base in Hatha Yoga and were later modified into different styles, but the roots and basics are Hatha.    This style of Yoga usually has longer holds and will be slower pace than a vinyasa or flow class.    Hatha Yoga connects and energizes all layers (koshas) of body, mind and spirit.   From the teachings of Yoga we learn that the physical postures were designed to make it easy for Yogis to sit and meditate for long periods.   Physical postures prepared the body, allowed tension to release which allowed the mind to settle.   Ahhh… yes…try to tame our  “Monkey Mind”  🙂    On a side note – I actually have come to appreciate my monkey mind now in meditation, because of the creativity and ideas that flow.

Through Hatha Yoga we build strength and flexibility in mind -body- spirit.   We may notice we become stronger and more flexible off the mat as well and deal with the stressors of life a little easier.   Practice…practice  🙂   The Sanskrit word “Ha-tha” breaks down to mean “Sun-Moon” – opposites.   Yoga brings union of the masculine, heat, Yang, “sun” energy and the feminine, cooling, Yin “moon” energy and we are brought into balance through our practice.    These energies balance each other out – everything is connected.

Hatha Yoga allows us to gather all of our energy (prana) together… united… and at the end of a Yoga class that feeling of wholeness is undeniable.

Namaste – Kerry

Asanas are not just physical exercises: they have biochemical, psycho-physiological and psycho-spiritual effects. The cells of the body have their own intelligence and memory. Through practice of different asanas blood circulation is improved, the hormone system is balanced, the nervous system is stimulated, and toxins are eliminated, so that the cells, sinews and nerves are kept at their peak level. Physical, mental, and spiritual health and harmony are attained. – BKS Iyengar


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