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The Yoga for YOU

Have you found your Yoga?  I mean the yoga that makes you feel like coming home.   Maybe you  have your own practice or have a teacher or a few teachers who just bring you right to that place.   If you have found your style I think you will know what I mean…

There are many styles of Yoga and Teachers out there…  If you have taken a class, but maybe didn’t connect with a teachers style or the Yoga was too difficult, too fast, or maybe too slow…  I encourage you to check out different classes to see what is available to you out there.  Another aspect is that some people don’t like to be physically assisted in a pose, some people really do…

So…I always encourage people to try different classes – more than a couple of  classes – seek out a teacher that clicks with your needs.

My own philosophy on Yoga is that it should feel good.  It should be healing not “beating me up”…

I love this quote  🙂 “We don’t use our body to get into the pose, we use the pose to get into our body”  –  Bernie Clark

This is at the core of my own teaching philosophy and I hope that people that come to my class feel that.

How do you know if its the class for you? I can just share what  is true for me… in my own home practice and the classes I choose to go to.

I should feel ease and steadiness in the poses – maybe a bit “comfortably – uncomfortable” at times to challenge me …but being mindful of my edge.

I want to feel a sense of healing taking place – not forcing or pushing.

I like to feel space…to think, to breathe…to not think…to release tension…just space to simply experience my Yoga.

I want my energy to feel renewed and replenished not exhausted.. I want my practice to release tension, but conserve my vital energy – “Prana”

I teach a gentle – slow flow – moderate style of Hatha Yoga influenced many other therapeutic practices.  Gentle doesn’t mean easy – it simply means to me – that we are kind to our body…check in and see what it needs, what it wants – and just listen. 🙂

Journal or Meditation Questions around this… What is enough today?  What is enough on the mat and what is enough OFF the mat?   How is the way I practice Yoga like I live my life?   Do I need to challenge myself OR take it down a notch today?   Is my Yoga balancing for me?   What classes leave me feeling renewed?  How do I feel during my yoga class and after?   Which classes do I enjoy?   Why?

Above all – Enjoy your journey discovering YOUR Yoga and evolve with your practice.

Namaste – Kerry 🙂

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