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Creative Flow

You can’t sit and force creativity.
Creative energy is free flowing…
It chooses it’s own

Like a river it may change course…
The practice is in listening,
allowing and trusting…
It’s call.
Wander with it…
What wants to be expressed?
Flow with it…
Let the magic happen

*Second Chakra – creativity

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The Life of a House

The laughs, the celebrations
The struggles, the tears.
If walls could talk…but
They can’t.
Walls don’t make a home.
We do.
We will talk of the memories.
WE were the life of the house.
Home is simply…where

Chakra Thoughts :
First chakra – home – grounding – present moment
Seventh chakra – attachments

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Living Ahimsa

I am aware…Truly.
Yet…awareness doesn’t seem like enough.
I look away and deny the truth
Justify my reasons…
I often feel guilty.
I crave the lightness of living ahimsa.
Until that time
Awareness awaits action.
For now…I know
living ahimsa
living without guilt.
The practice goes on…

**Ahimsa – first Yama
Non – Violence

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A Calling

What scares you?
What lights you up?

What possibilities do you see –
Then quickly look away?

What calls you?
What knows you?
Your Vision. Desire. Dream. Knowing.
Step forward toward

Sixth Chakra – Ajna – Third eye

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Tune Into Your Strengths – What’s In Your Backpack??

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Tune In & Trust…

Look into the mirror
Into your own eyes…
Push past doubt,
Past fear, past insecurity.
Tune into your strengths…
They will carry you.

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What does OM mean??

Brief Introduction to the meaning of OM. A-U-M. What is it? Brief breakdown of the symbol. OM is the sound for all that can’t be put into words – I wish I said that in the video 🙂 Whatever your personal source of higher power is – is OM .

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