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Meeting Myself Where I Am…

Through my tired eyes
I see the journey is much longer…

Why don’t I use the map?
Is there a quicker way?

Why don’t I ask for help?
Is there an easier way?

Why don’t I want to go down that road?
What do I gain from staying on this road?

Why do I resist what I know to be true?

Isn’t that the harder way??

Meeting myself where I am
I can find the “middle way” and

I can walk on.

Thoughts on :
Third Chakra
Satya – second Yama
Resistance & Acceptance

Namaste – Kerry

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She was always there
With her “welcome home wag
Offering a sock or random gift.

A counter-surfer extraordinaire
She kept us on high alert!
ALL food was under her watchful eye.

Her presence will be greatly missed.
A gentle animal spirit
Whose eyes were filled with
understanding and unconditional love.




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It’s Time

Oh, its time…
Why wait?
Time won’t wait for you.
Yeah, that seems so unfair…
What if I’m not ready?

Oh, its time
to take a step.
One step.
Clock ticking.

Your vision will be revealed
whether you step out
stand still.

It will reveal the results…
A vision of fear…or your success.

Oh, its time…
Why are you still waiting???

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