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Breathing through Overwhelm

At days end…

Exhaustion lets my guard down…

It lets fear and worry rush in.

Thoughts overwhelm like crashing waves.

Emotions rise like the tide.


Let it all go…for now.

Morning…A NEW beginning

is coming.

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Notes from the Mat

I am almost ready to celebrate one year of teaching Yoga in April which is a huge milestone for me. This site will be dedicated to teaching Yoga, stress relief, my own Yoga practice and life in general…because as they say “its all Yoga”. I have been practicing on and off for about 15 years, but it was when I faced physical, mental and emotional burnout working night shift that I deepened my Yoga practice and decided to become a Teacher. This year has been full of ups and downs and coming to find my own voice as a Teacher. I hope this blog will benefit my students and others who practice Yoga. I will be posting alot on Caregiver Yoga and burnout and information on my Yoga workshops for Caregivers…Namaste.

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