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It’s Time

Oh, its time…
Why wait?
Time won’t wait for you.
Yeah, that seems so unfair…
What if I’m not ready?

Oh, its time
to take a step.
One step.
Clock ticking.

Your vision will be revealed
whether you step out
stand still.

It will reveal the results…
A vision of fear…or your success.

Oh, its time…
Why are you still waiting???

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Tune In & Trust…

Look into the mirror
Into your own eyes…
Push past doubt,
Past fear, past insecurity.
Tune into your strengths…
They will carry you.

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Starve the Doubts

Doubts hang out on my right shoulder
Waiting for more “food for thought”
The thoughts and the doubts multiply and grow larger
They crowd out confidence
Shake off doubts…
STARVE the doubts…
NO room at this table today
– Kerry Wanamaker

Chakra Thoughts:
Third chakra – confidence
This also fits well for 5th Chakra and self-expression 🙂

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