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Are We There Yet?

I was thinking this week about our tendency to want to be everywhere else in life, but right here in the present moment. We have goals, plans, aspirations, dreams…stuff that keeps us going. The fixation on “when is it going to happen” can give us what I am now going to call “destination distress”. The journey is all we have, this moment is all we are promised. “Gotta live in the moment” etc etc. Intellectually we know this…but it is so hard when we have bills and we need money, we want love, a certain weight, a better career opportunity, or we are seeking better health etc. Our patience even as Yogi’s 🙂 can be worn thin by all we have to do and all we want to be right NOW. Sometimes its us getting in our own way too…for a variety of reasons. A lot of things in life are instant nowadays, and this can make it even harder to wait. This destination distress can make us feel like we are hamsters on a wheel never getting anywhere… I will be teaching my Yoga class on this topic this week . Enjoy your journey…and your Yoga this week

Journaling Questions – Answer any or all that trigger you.
SO many questions popped in my mind on this topic. I see this as a complex journal session… it actually covers a few areas…. So take what you need from it.

1. Identifying your general patience level…
2. Recognize that some of what we want now may not be what is best for us right now. We simply may not be ready…mentally, physically, spiritually, or financially….Ouch right? Its ok though…awareness is a big step to taking the next right steps needed.
3. Finally…your goals, large or small , desires, and dreams are important! Sometimes pulling back and being in this moment gives more clarity in how to get there from here.
Use your Yoga , Meditation, journaling , walking …etc. all of these practices to think about what you want and why you want it….

Do I see myself as patient? Do others see me as patient?
Where can I be gentler to myself and see I am doing the best I can?
What are some of my desired destinations, big or small, short term long term….goals/wishes/dreams? If they came into reality now right this minute would I be ready? Or do I still have more to learn or to do before then?
What steps could I take to bring it closer from a place of calm intention… not from a place of feeling rushed or not good enough yet.
Is there anything that holds me back from taking steps to get to my destination? Fear, not really wanting to change, change is so hard, fear of rejection, fear of success? Is it me that is getting in my own way? Do I put too much pressure on myself on getting it all done?
What stresses me out, because I want it now?
Again…Where can I be gentler to myself and see I am doing the best I can? Has practicing Yoga helped me with patience and living in the moment…mindfulness.

I am going at my own pace.
I am doing the best I can
I am patient with myself
I am proud of myself for trying
I release my tension and I am at ease
I am patience

Have a great week ~ Kerry

As you walk, eat and travel, be where you are. Otherwise you will miss most of your life – Buddha

Life is a journey not a race. Every experience should be savored along the way, not rushed through to the proverbial finish line – Michael Eisen.

Why do they call it Rush Hour when nothing moves? – Robin Williams

C’mon inner peace I don’t have all day!

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