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September Morn…Messages


An old song flashed in my mind

As I move towards new beginnings…

A new season…a new age…

Keep dancing…

“until the night becomes a brand new day”

Just look at what has been growing.

It is harvest time.

You are a tree rooted between worlds.

Drink in the abundance.

Fill the cup until it is overflowing…

And then,

Ask for more




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BEginning and BEcoming

Candles glowing

Incense rising…

Practice Beginning

I AM BEginning.

What is BEcoming of me?   Of all of this?

Answers don’t come.

They have to be lived…

For now…I will simply

Just BE.

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Bottles of Hope…

She is very sick
Many medications…
Little green “bottles of hope”
Life is indeed precious

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The Life of a House

The laughs, the celebrations
The struggles, the tears.
If walls could talk…but
They can’t.
Walls don’t make a home.
We do.
We will talk of the memories.
WE were the life of the house.
Home is simply…where

Chakra Thoughts :
First chakra – home – grounding – present moment
Seventh chakra – attachments

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Tune In & Trust…

Look into the mirror
Into your own eyes…
Push past doubt,
Past fear, past insecurity.
Tune into your strengths…
They will carry you.

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