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Renewable Force…

Breathing in…

A renewable force.

Energy and Existence…United

Daily…minute by minute.

Breath by breath.

I AM renewed.

I AM living.

I AM Breathed.

The force behind that which renews.. .

Is also Me.

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Bottles of Hope…

She is very sick
Many medications…
Little green “bottles of hope”
Life is indeed precious

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The Energetic Heart

I love Shiva Rea’s Ted Talk on “The Energetic Heart” and I just love the message. Especially as a Nurse who has studied the energy of the heart and also have seen medication and medical devices manipulate that energy to save a life.
The heart is much, much more than a pump….as Yogis we know this… I hope you enjoy this TED Talk 🙂

Nischala Joy Devi in her translation of the Yoga Sutras “The Secret Power of Yoga” said to notice when we are asked “who we are” we point to our heart.

Its so true! We don’t point to our head or our ears etc… 🙂  Instinctively we point to our heart…

She says  “when we gesture to our heart – it reveals the truth:   I live right here in my heart.”

Her beautiful translation of Yoga Sutra 1.2  :

“Yoga is the uniting of consciousness in the heart”

Namaste – Kerry

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Christmas Tree

Our bare tree stands in its corner
A few busy nights got in the way…
It silently awaits attention.
The bright lights and precious ornaments
still boxed…
It asks to be noticed anyway…
Just as it is.
For all the shared memories
of years gone by…
Being Unboxed . Over and over. It stood the test of time.

It winks at me…
“I’m real

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