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The Life of a House

The laughs, the celebrations
The struggles, the tears.
If walls could talk…but
They can’t.
Walls don’t make a home.
We do.
We will talk of the memories.
WE were the life of the house.
Home is simply…where

Chakra Thoughts :
First chakra – home – grounding – present moment
Seventh chakra – attachments

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Home is where the Heart is

Home is where the heart is

This week I have been thinking a lot about home and the idea of home… What I would like to think about this week is …it isn’t the walls and roof that make a house a home, it’s us. We may live alone…we may live with a group of people. Regardless…it is our character, presence …our spirit that infuses a structure with the feeling of “home” . Sometimes where we currently live is home, but another home from another time in life holds memories. We learn in Yoga to try not to attach to things, but a house can come to seem like a living thing…it can seem alive. Yet it isn’t the house…Wherever we go…we find ourselves right? Or we are still seeking anyway…

In a way coming to the Yoga mat is a “coming home“. When we roll out the mat …We have our own little island…our own area in the world.
You may think of home along the lines of “putting down roots” and grounding, but this week I want us to consider that home is not just a place , but a feeling. We will do some heart openers in class and open to the possibility that home can travel with us . Home is where our Heart is…

Suggested Mudra – Dhyana Mudra “meditation” – meditate on the space as a feeling – of home

Journaling Questions/Ideas

Where do I feel the most at home? Expand your idea of home as a structure… thinking “outside of the box” – think of what home means to you.
Do I have a special room in my house that is where I like to practice Yoga? What “feelings” do I get when I am in that space? Where else do I have those feelings?
When I am not doing Yoga in this space – how do I feel in it? Is it the rolling out of the mat and centering for the Yoga practice that calls in these feelings?
What does Home is where the heart is mean to me and my personal experience?
Do I have anything in my past I am holding onto that is limiting my happiness where I live now? Where I Live now meaning physically, spiritually, emotionally… what ever that may mean to me.


I long, as does every human being to be at home wherever I find myself – Maya Angelou

Every day is a journey and the journey itself is home – Matsuo Basho

Namaste ~ Kerry


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