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Discover Your Vision – A Manifestation Retreat

Here is a short video on the upcoming retreat – follow the link to REGISTER

This women’s Retreat will run May 2nd at 7 pm until 12 noon May 4th.
Yoga is Beginner – Intermediate – modifications for all levels, always encouraging you to listen to your body and your individual needs. Classes will not be Hot Yoga, or Power Yoga.

Please check out the websites below to find out more about what to expect from the retreat leaders teaching styles.

Kerry & Sue’s Websites –
**Sue Medeiros at
and on Facebook at

**Kerry Wanamaker at
and Facebook at

We hope to see you in May for this retreat – Namaste !

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Discover your Vision – A Manifestation Retreat


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Losing the Fear of Blogging

I got a notice from WordPress saying “Happy Anniversary” “You registered with WordPress 7 Years ago!”.   What?  7 YEARS AGO??   Years.  I had a few blogs here over that time …published then deleted them…until finally this past year I decided to just stop deleting my words.   I wish I could get back some of my writing from those other blogs now.   Yes, I still have the thoughts that come sometimes when getting ready to hit publish, but I have learned to shift my focus off of the fear and think about who may want to read this and not about who doesn’t.    My intention is for this to be a motivational space and a resource about Yoga….its not all going to be good – its not all going to resonate with everyone.     Sometimes I will want to delete it…or keep something safe in draft mode for months 🙂

So how can you just hit publish and start losing the fear?

Ask yourself:

What do I get creatively out of building this blog up and what do I hope people will get out of reading it??      What do I appreciate from other peoples blogs and what would I miss if they weren’t there?   What do I want to say?   Why am I censoring myself if I am called to write?   What do I bring in my own unique way?

Think about how many blogs or videos and articles you read and don’t comment on OR like…yet you do get inspiration from them.  Just because no one comments or hits ” like”  doesn’t mean you aren’t making a difference to someone.   🙂   So…Write for you and write for the people who are reading your stuff.

Instead of thinking about the worst that could happen – we can start to ask ourselves –  what is the best that could happen?

Namaste – Kerry 🙂

Side note…I plan to upgrade to premium soon and lose these ads!   🙂

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