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Morning Pages – Day 2

Day 2 of 7 🙂

Today’s writing was a rant of worries that later turned to gratitude for my health and the health of my kids. Someone I know has a baby in the hospital and the thoughts of that put my own worries right into perspective! Fast.

A lot came up about freedom and simplifying with my upcoming move. I am downsizing my home and I think living more simply and closer together will be good for my family. We are pretty spread out in the house we have now.
So it will be interesting… If people are upstairs you don’t see them the rest of the night. I think a smaller space will bring us closer.

We won’t be texting to people upstairs! More conversation…

So today was a lot on gratitude , perspective, simplifying life & decluttering.
Decluttering the physical space I live in with the move as well my mind with these morning pages 😉 .

Namaste – Kerry

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The Life of a House

The laughs, the celebrations
The struggles, the tears.
If walls could talk…but
They can’t.
Walls don’t make a home.
We do.
We will talk of the memories.
WE were the life of the house.
Home is simply…where

Chakra Thoughts :
First chakra – home – grounding – present moment
Seventh chakra – attachments

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