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September Morn…Messages


An old song flashed in my mind

As I move towards new beginnings…

A new season…a new age…

Keep dancing…

“until the night becomes a brand new day”

Just look at what has been growing.

It is harvest time.

You are a tree rooted between worlds.

Drink in the abundance.

Fill the cup until it is overflowing…

And then,

Ask for more




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What are you holding?

You are a container

What energy or emotions are you holding in your cup today?
What is muddying up the waters?

Write, Cry, Meditate, Draw, Walk … Breathe…

What can help start to calm the internal waves?

When the water clears…

Light can shine through.

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Puzzle Pieces

The pieces fit…
its ALL a puzzle.
Even though we can’t see the final result
– the big picture –
Breathe. Remember…
We all have a few “missing pieces”
It makes us unique 🙂
It’s our story.

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A Winter Saturday…

Saturday afternoon Yoga

Incense and peppermint tea

Blue notebook for Fifth Chakra flow

Santosha 🙂

OK …and a black lab who loves to steal my mat. 🙂


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Christmas Past…

Voices recorded

A younger Me

making my children laugh

Christmas Past


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Starve the Doubts

Doubts hang out on my right shoulder
Waiting for more “food for thought”
The thoughts and the doubts multiply and grow larger
They crowd out confidence
Shake off doubts…
STARVE the doubts…
NO room at this table today
– Kerry Wanamaker

Chakra Thoughts:
Third chakra – confidence
This also fits well for 5th Chakra and self-expression 🙂

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