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Sliver of Light…

The way is uncertain…

I get in my own way

And now I am blocking yours…

How do I  soften these thoughts

and enter the flow???

Reveal to me what I most need to know…

I protect my heart and mind from intruders

Although… you are someone I trust…

Help me see again

Help me trust again…

Help me  let go of ideas that blind me

Even if its only a sliver of light that sneaks behind my blindfold…

Help me let my guard down…

Let me journey with you…

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Fly…with a hawks vision

and a Warriors Heart

Companions are close…

Inner Strength is closer.

Open to communication and receive…

the Truth.

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Breathing through Overwhelm

At days end…

Exhaustion lets my guard down…

It lets fear and worry rush in.

Thoughts overwhelm like crashing waves.

Emotions rise like the tide.


Let it all go…for now.

Morning…A NEW beginning

is coming.

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The Inner Shaman 

Shaman drums

Journey to Savasana…

Healing intentions

Find …

Embodied wisdom.



Source meets…

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Internal Drishti

I have been thinking of my own internal drishti and where I am feeling attention drawn to during practice. Drishti – our focus – gaze point. Usually we think of drishti points with eyes open. We also have internal drishti as we close our eyes and attune to our third eye. We also practice internal drishti when we focus our attention to a certain body part or chakra center – we draw our attention to these areas. In my practice my eyes are closed in many poses and it allows me to connect much deeper.

Journal / Reflection questions : How does internal drishti affect your practice? Where is your attention drawn to in your practice? Does it need redirecting? For me there are practices where I am more present than others and my drishti has a lot to do with that.

Internal Drishti

With closed eyes…I practice.
My attention is drawn to my core, my chest, my center.
Looking inward

I am guided to my inner strength.

With closed eyes…I practice.
I long to get to a quieter space.
Looking inward

I slow the pace of thoughts and actions. I find my breath.

With closed eyes…I practice.
I find a world beyond my physical eyes.
Looking inward

I meet a genuine presence. My True Self.

Namaste – Kerry

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Puzzle Pieces

The pieces fit…
its ALL a puzzle.
Even though we can’t see the final result
– the big picture –
Breathe. Remember…
We all have a few “missing pieces”
It makes us unique 🙂
It’s our story.

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A Calling

What scares you?
What lights you up?

What possibilities do you see –
Then quickly look away?

What calls you?
What knows you?
Your Vision. Desire. Dream. Knowing.
Step forward toward

Sixth Chakra – Ajna – Third eye

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Christmas Tree

Our bare tree stands in its corner
A few busy nights got in the way…
It silently awaits attention.
The bright lights and precious ornaments
still boxed…
It asks to be noticed anyway…
Just as it is.
For all the shared memories
of years gone by…
Being Unboxed . Over and over. It stood the test of time.

It winks at me…
“I’m real

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Vantage Point…Sixth Chakra

From my vantage point
I begin to see
But from a deeper place…
A knowing place

I start to see the bigger picture
With perspective
I came to stillness
And found my inner wisdom
Waiting for me.
Knowing I would eventually get there…
It waited…patiently.


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Purple glasses
sit on a mountain of work
Mind wanders…
Clock ticks…

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