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Spark of Desire

As I began to listen…

It only got louder.

Even in dreams…it is speaking.

Desire sparks a fire.

The light from this Fire

has a desire of its own.

It knows where we are going…

It lights the way.

Follow the light…

BE the light.


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It’s Time

Oh, its time…
Why wait?
Time won’t wait for you.
Yeah, that seems so unfair…
What if I’m not ready?

Oh, its time
to take a step.
One step.
Clock ticking.

Your vision will be revealed
whether you step out
stand still.

It will reveal the results…
A vision of fear…or your success.

Oh, its time…
Why are you still waiting???

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“Courage in the path is what makes the path manifest itself” – Paulo Coelho

I love this.

I am finding this to be true as I walk my own path.


Take the next step…there will be detours and wrong turns!

Keep the focus on the “courage” needed in “this” moment…

Not tomorrow or next month…

The path appears…step by step.

Namaste – Kerry


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Morning Pages – Day 5

Hello Day 5…

Todays practice was a call to action. The words “practice what you preach” showed up.

Ok… message heard loud and clear. I don’t hear that message as clear when my pen isn’t hitting the paper.

Sorta like feet hitting pavement. Do the work. Walk the talk.

Otherwise…I can just find an easy way out…or maybe a detour to avoid the truth completely.

Or worse – miss the gifts that right in front of me…

I have received already what I intended from the 7 day challenge in 5 days. So…yeah I guess Julia Cameron is “onto something” 🙂

As I said in a previous post, I have done the morning pages before – for a day or two – but dedicated practice to it is powerful. Maybe it is because I have so much in my head and heart these days…

The process of putting pen to paper is key… its a moving meditation.

Release yourself.
Free yourself.
Clear your mind.

Just write…

Namaste – Kerry 🙂

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Tune In & Trust…

Look into the mirror
Into your own eyes…
Push past doubt,
Past fear, past insecurity.
Tune into your strengths…
They will carry you.

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Purple glasses
sit on a mountain of work
Mind wanders…
Clock ticks…

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Starve the Doubts

Doubts hang out on my right shoulder
Waiting for more “food for thought”
The thoughts and the doubts multiply and grow larger
They crowd out confidence
Shake off doubts…
STARVE the doubts…
NO room at this table today
– Kerry Wanamaker

Chakra Thoughts:
Third chakra – confidence
This also fits well for 5th Chakra and self-expression 🙂

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