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Spark of Desire

As I began to listen…

It only got louder.

Even in dreams…it is speaking.

Desire sparks a fire.

The light from this Fire

has a desire of its own.

It knows where we are going…

It lights the way.

Follow the light…

BE the light.


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Fly…with a hawks vision

and a Warriors Heart

Companions are close…

Inner Strength is closer.

Open to communication and receive…

the Truth.

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A Calling

What scares you?
What lights you up?

What possibilities do you see –
Then quickly look away?

What calls you?
What knows you?
Your Vision. Desire. Dream. Knowing.
Step forward toward

Sixth Chakra – Ajna – Third eye

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Discover Your Vision – A Manifestation Retreat

Here is a short video on the upcoming retreat – follow the link to REGISTER

This women’s Retreat will run May 2nd at 7 pm until 12 noon May 4th.
Yoga is Beginner – Intermediate – modifications for all levels, always encouraging you to listen to your body and your individual needs. Classes will not be Hot Yoga, or Power Yoga.

Please check out the websites below to find out more about what to expect from the retreat leaders teaching styles.

Kerry & Sue’s Websites –
**Sue Medeiros at
and on Facebook at

**Kerry Wanamaker at
and Facebook at

We hope to see you in May for this retreat – Namaste !

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Discover your Vision – A Manifestation Retreat


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